Routers play an important part in your internet experience. Having the
wrong router on your network could cause issues with internet telephony,
create security issues with wireless devices, not to mention overall internet experience.
Speak to us about ensuring you have the right router for your business or home.

A router is a networking device that makes your internet browsing possible. There are thousands of routers out there and finding one is going to be a tall order. Good thing is you don’t have to know which one is right for you. Here at Fantel, we want you to think about what really matters most in your life so we will take care finding the right one for you, configuring it so that all you need to do is plug it and enjoy the Internet.

For all customers, we include: Optimisation & Pre-Configuration, shipping and handling, remote support and advance replacements whilst under warranty. Standard warranty is 12 months.

D-Link DVA-2800 – Fast WIFI and Great Performance. Compatiable with ALL NBN Deployments. $198 inc-GST