Our Staff

At our company, our team is comprised of highly knowledgeable and dedicated
professionals committed to delivering a seamless customer experience. From your
first call to any ongoing support inquiry, our staff is here to provide professional
and efficient assistance. We prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring that every
interaction reflects our commitment to excellent service


Roger Mangraviti

Operations Director

Our Operations Director at the helm since 1993 is a seasoned professional with a versatile skill set that truly sets him apart. Beyond expertly managing our physical servers, he showcases his proficiency in PHP by personally coding our CRM, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with our operational needs. His hands-on approach extends far beyond server management, as he handles a spectrum of responsibilities ranging from customer service all the way to provisioning.

Robert Sandali

Sales Director

Our Sales Director, as well as VoIP expert, is an integral part of our team since 1993, truly a sales genius and a creative problem solver. With an unparalleled ability to understand customer needs and devise tailored solutions for both clients and the business, he consistently ensures customer satisfaction. His creativity extends beyond sales strategy, as he excels in crafting efficient plans that our team executes seamlessly to achieve desired outcomes from customers.

Key Team Members

Dennis Ganchingco

Compliance and Accounts Manager

Our Compliance and Accounts Manager plays a pivotal role since joining, managing key aspects crucial to our operations. With a focus on compliance, he ensures our team is well-versed in industry regulations through hands-on training programs. In addition to handling billing and accounts, his expertise shines in providing top-notch customer service, particularly in VoIP, nbn and web-hosting services.

Minh Dam

Windows Specialist

Our Windows OS Specialist is a dedicated professional committed to providing exceptional one-on-one customer service. With a vast in-depth understanding of the Windows operating systems, they excel in troubleshooting and finding effective solutions for any Windows-related issue our customers may encounter.

Nicholas Drossos

Customer Service Specialist

Our Customer Service Specialist skillfully manages a diverse range of responsibilities. From providing expert VoIP and nbn support to addressing accounts, billing, web-hosting and provisioning matters, he excels in delivering top-notch customer service across multiple domains.