Does your business need the internet with better reliability and speed than
ADSL or NBN ? If so, you should consider Metro Ethernet. Call our
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Metro Ethernet is a general term used to describe an Ethernet technology network in a metropolitan area. Metro Ethernet is used for connectivity to the public Internet, and is also used for connectivity between corporate sites that are separated geographically. For more information about Metro Ethernet plans, please email or call us.

Business Ethernet Services

Ethernet over Copper (EoC) uses multiple copper lines which are bonded together to form a single symmetrical Ethernet service.  Symmetrical services have the benefit of offering the same speed in both directions.

We offer Ethernet over Copper (EoC) internet connections at speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 80Mbps, with guaranteed SLA’s to meet critical business needs.

  • Speeds from 1Mbps / 1Mbps to 80Mbps / 80Mbps
  • Access to over 1500 exchanges Australia wide
  • Fast service qualification available


Why Choose Fantel’s Metro Ethernet?

Fast & reliable

Fantel has over 20Gbps of network capacity available to its clients. We don’t over sell our network and it’ never over utilised. We can provide guaranteed speeds and our core network is designed with redundancy and speed as a priority.


Fantel is not bound to any particular upstream provider allowing us to provide connectivity from a number of different carriers such as AAPT, TPG, Telstra, Vocus, NextGen and Pipe Networks. This allows us to implement the most cost effective solutions for clients according to their office location. It’s this independence that allows us to provide clients with the best solutions available.

Low contention rates

All our business grade services operate at a 1:1 contention rate. This is your guarantee that the connection you pay for is allocated and guaranteed.

We are a Layer 2 ISP

Being a Layer 2 ISP means that all internet connections sold by Fantel are terminated on equipment owned and operated by Fantel. This is unlike Layer 3 ISP’s, who resell other providers connections and have little to no control, support and configuration of their client’s connections.

Guaranteed SLA’s


All our business grade services come with 99.95% Service Level Agreement. Our network has been designed with core network redundant links and multiple upstream IP Transit suppliers. This ensures maximum uptime and reliabilit