Network Health Check

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical
components of the corporate network for reliability, performance, and any
obvious security issues.

Network Health Check

It is not uncommon for networks to grow organically and haphazardly as increasingly heavier workloads are placed upon them. As networks grow, legacy configuration often remains, which may not comply with security mandates and best practice. This can result in degraded performance and compromised security.

A Network Health Check, delivered by LAN3 networking professionals, assesses the existing network for security issues (including use of telnet), switch performance, spanning tree configuration and best practice configurations. When the check is complete, a report is produced and shared with the customer. The report will include documentation of switch firmware, serial numbers, routing and routing redundancy configuration, spanning tree configuration and network topology, as well as highlighting any concerns.

Service Benefits

A network health check involves an experienced LAN3 networking engineer visiting site. They will perform an in-depth review of the wired network, and subsequently suggest any configuration changes that would be beneficial. The engineer will review network typology, VLAN implementation, software versions and network access security.

Networking Vendors

LAN3 will carry out the health check and subsequently make recommendations to improve the health, security and performance of the network. LAN3 is equipped to perform a network health check on all major networking technologies.

Why LAN3 for a Network Health Check?

LAN3 has designed and installed many hundreds of networks since 2008.  The knowledge and experience we have gained enables us to advise our customers on all aspects of their network, from security and functionality to design and performance optimisation.

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