NBN Plans

Are you able to get NBN in your area? If so, you could be enjoying Fantel’s
fast speed uncongested internet super highway. Call us on 1300 304 288 to
see if you can get NBN now!


NBN is the new type of Internet connection method which is only available in certain areas. Find out if NBN is available in your area. With these plans you’re on your way to joining the age of super fast and reliable Internet.

*This service may not be available in your area.

Networks Used

This service will be provided over the NBN, however all support enquiries must be directed to us by contacting customer service on 1300 304 288.

Data Blocks

1GB ($3.30), 5GB ($13.20) and 10GB ($26.40) can be purchased additionally to your plan if you know that you’re going to reach your limit.

Fixed Cost Internet Option

Don’t get bill shock. Avoid surprises due to excess usage. If you hit your limit, we automatically slow you down, then you have the option to purchase more data blocks.

$275 Modem Router D-Link DVA-2800

Need a pre-configured modem router and delivered to your address? On the application form just place a tick in the box to purchase one. Supports ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL/NBN HFC and VoIP.